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Tacey Law Group P.S. is a unique law firm serving at the pleasure and necessity of businesses and entrepreneurs around the world. In a culture that thrives on fear and manipulation, we seek to bring clarity and counsel to our clients. We make a substantial investment to gain a full view of their needs, passions, worries and dreams. We strive to make each client our only client.

We view our role as that of a close, trusted friend and confidant… devoid of ambition or personal agendas, committed to dispensing disinterested advice. This role is developed over time with a proven commitment of providing thoughtful advice and counsel that can be understood and applied.

To be effective in this role, we are intentional about what clients we represent and what areas of law we want to master, experience or develop. Our clients demand that we know their business well, such that there is no question we should not be able to assist with, and if we don’t know the answer, we are expected and entrusted to find the best partners who do.

Latest News & Articles:

Tacey Law Group is Here to Help!

    In This Article: We Are Here to Serve You Disaster Relief Loans Don't Put Off Legal Needs About Us We Are Here to Serve You: We are all feeling the effects of the Covid 19 virus and the regulations imposed on our daily lives. We hope that all of you and your loved ones are safe, healthy and well in spirit. Our Tacey Law Group family...

What has Tacey Law Group been up to?

Answer: Over $160 million in Business Transactions!   Many times we are asked, "What does your firm do?" We usually answer, "A lot!" Therefore, we wanted to share some of the amazing work we've had the privilege of executing for some of our clients in 2017. Below is a little description about each deal or project, and our amazing clients....

Notified Body

Greater Oversight of Notified Bodies in Europe gives Manufacturers Hope … maybe In the wake of former Commissioner John Dalli’s call last year for tighter EU regulatory controls over the medtech industry following the PIP breast implant debacle, twelve notified bodies across Europe have been subject to new-style joint audits, in which a team from...

Shawn Says So

In the coming months, you may see me rave or rant a time or two on issues that are germane to our business or family lives. The intention is to promote thought and debate, as I am sure I will get it wrong half of the time. I look forward to your correction. As you can imagine, there are many things that disturb me, but none less than the errant...

Raising Capital in Washington Just Got Easier

Our firm has long believed that small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy. The Washington legislature recently showed that it agrees with us by passing a new "equity crowd-funding" bill that will allow companies to offer shares of stock to both accredited and non-accredited investors in Washington. This exciting development will give...

Estate Planning Is Now

I write to tell you something that has been weighing heavily on my conscience. In the last 8 years, our firm has been brought into some very emotional and traumatic circumstances where a loved one dies or becomes incapacitated without having their estate in order. I know, I know you don't want to be bothered with these tasks, but the consequences...

Washington Supreme Court Backs Consumers

Unless you have been paying close attention, and most of us have not, the businesses you use everyday have been waging war on your ability to hold them accountable. Buried in those service agreements and “click through” licensing agreements are mandatory arbitration provisions that attempt to prevent you from enforcing your rights in court. Most...

Crowdfunding – Now and Not Yet

Crowdfunding – Now and Not Yet On April 5, President Obama signed the JOBS Act, a package of changes to securities laws designed to make it easier for startup and emerging businesses to raise investment capital.  In the ensuing weeks, the bill has been both lauded and criticized for its attempts to loosen the various restrictions that have made...

Raising Capital Through a Securities Offering

You recently started your business and have been slowly building it through a combination of reinvested revenues, credit cards nearing their limit, loans from your diminishing personal savings and maybe even a bank loan or line of credit.  It has become all too clear that, if you’re going to take your great idea to the next level, you need a...

What Is A Lawsuit?

A lawsuit is one of many tools individuals and businesses can use to resolve disputes.  There are a multitude of rules governing lawsuits and how they progress.  Attorneys learn these rules and use them to help their clients every day.  The following article provides a broad overview of the different stages of a lawsuit.  Every case is different...

General Business

Success in business hinges on legal representation that understands business itself, not just the laws that govern it. Tacey Law Group is a multifaceted law firm. Our experienced business lawyers assist clients in all aspects of their commerce, including entity selection and organization, closely held businesses and succession planning, business contracts and commercial transactions, and entertainment.

Real Estate

We handle all forms of real estate transactions, including local, regional, national and international transactions. We have substantial experience in commercial real estate, from acquisition, financing, zoning, construction and operational issues, to governmental relations and permitting, environmental matters, leasing and disposition of the property.

Corporate Finance

Our business practice provides a full range of legal services respecting mergers, acquisitions, and corporate finance to both public and private companies. We have been involved in numerous high-profile transactions, but we also accept engagements from smaller and less publicized companies because we believe their legal affairs to be equally challenging and important.

Business Litigation

Our business litigators are highly skilled and nationally recognized trial lawyers who have represented clients in state and federal courts. We effectively and efficiently represent not only large businesses in high profile actions, but also small businesses and individuals in a wide variety of business issues. We employ a streamlined staff and consult our clients before major costs are incurred.

Accord Assist

You have heard the old business adage: “It’s not who you are, it’s who you know.” We offer mediation and alternative dispute resolution services that focus on the 360 degrees of the relationship between the parties.  Our mediation services allow the parties to resolve potentially devastating issues, avoid expensive and protracted litigation, and preserve meaningful and successful relationships for a lifetime.